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London Business Angel

I have been involved in start-ups for the best part of two decades. As a corporate lawyer and finance director I like to connect with entrepreneurs who are seeking initial seed capital, and who are looking to take an idea through to proof of concept and initial revenue. Having helped fund several successful start-ups (and let’s be honest, several not so successful) in a range of industries from e-commerce, to professional services, to small home-based enterprises, I have discovered that many businesses fail due to a lack of funding in the early years, and the difficulties which arise when entrepreneurs need to learn basic skills such as digital marketing, book-keeping and accounts, legal, HR and finance. I look to work with such entrepreneurs to deliver investment funding and mentoring that works for both of us.

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Contrarian Angel Investment Approach

Modern angel investing is flawed. Too many angels are focussed on tech unicorns and exits of 20-100x initial investment, that they are willing to overlook the vast majority of companies which are strong companies based on sound ideas and powered by passionate entrepreneurs who are simply not seeking to create a multi-billion dollar winner takes all tech company. The term ‘lifestyle’ business has become a pejorative phrase in investment circles. Yet I take a contrarian approach and seek to invest in passionate individuals who are looking for finance to create strong and stable companies. If that sounds like you, give me a shout and we can discuss your proposal.

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My mission is to offer start-up financing to passionate entrepreneurs with good ideas and a strong track record, because not all start-ups are unicorns.